[Karmic] Boot message "fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16."

Detlef Lechner Detlef.Lechner at gmx.net
Mon Nov 2 08:54:12 UTC 2009

Hello Steve,

Steve Flynn wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 1, 2009 at 10:30 AM, Detlef Lechner <Detlef.Lechner at gmx.net> wrote:

>> When booting my Karmic computer I obtain the message: "fsck from
>> util-linux-ng 2.16." What does this message mean?
>> I do not believe that Ubuntu has checked the integrity of my hard disk.
>> This message was followed too soon by the next boot message.
>> What is "util-linux-ng 2.16"? Synaptic does not find such a DEB program
>> package. Google tells me it be a "project".
> It's the latest version of fsck 

I do not believe you: /sbin/fsck is part of the package util-linux.

> which also handles ext4 filesystems.

> The message you see is it making sure your journal transactions are
> either rolled back or completed. It's quite normal.

I do not believe you again: I am using ext3 (and Karmic).


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