Caning desktops with scrollwheel ?

James Michael Fultz croooow at
Sun Nov 1 23:13:47 UTC 2009

* stan <stanb at> [2009-11-01 15:47 -0500]:
> I upggraded my laptop to 9.10 this weekend, and now I cannot move between
> desktps using the mouse scroll wheel. Under 9.04 there was a config screen
> for compiz that allowed setting this sort of thing to a fairly fine grained
> level of detail. ll i have found in 9.10 is under
> System->Preferences>appearence->Visual Effects some vauge classes of this.
> Even set to Etra, i an't get my old fucntionality back.
> How can I get this back?

The configuration dialog you describe sounds like that supplied by the
package compizconfig-settings-manager.  However, I've not found
a setting for desktop switching using the scroll wheel myself.

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