NetworkManager and Vodafone Mobile Connect

Steve Reilly sfreilly at
Sun Nov 1 20:31:15 UTC 2009

Sam Przyswa wrote:
> Hi,
> On Ubuntu 9.04 I have problems with NetworkManager and Vodafone Mobile 
> Connect (Internet via mobilephone) when it connect to internat via ppp 
> interface Firefox doesn't see the opened connection. Firefox only see 
> the connections opened with NetworkManager, NM is very unstable and 
> buggy, on my desktop I had to remove it and configure by hands the 
> /etc/network/interface.
> How to fix the problem and make Firefox working with VMC ?
> Sam.

ive ran into that problem before, at first i just unchecked "work off
line" in firefox, and everything was fine as long as ppp interface was
being used.  I believe its a flaw in the vodaphone software that doesnt
pass the connection is available to firefox for some reason.  you can
also use gnome-ppp, not as bloaty, and firefox recognizes the
connection.  thats what i use, snap to setup, fill in a couple lines,
and click connect.

Steve Reilly

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