Where did xorg.conf go?

Knute Johnson knute2009 at knutejohnson.com
Sun Nov 1 16:16:20 UTC 2009

Chris Jones wrote:
> Hi,
>> Recent versions of X.org don't need it as they autodetect  
>> everything. If
>> you need one just create it.
> As others have said, Xorg doesn't *need* one any more. You only need  
> to create one if for some reason the auto-detection of the correct  
> settings on the fly doesn't work in some way for your hardware.
> If you have a real problem and need to tweak the Xorg settings, then  
> creating the file is fine. On the other hand, if your system was  
> working fine without one, and you where just curious as to why it was  
> missing, then I would recommend removing whatever you have created and  
> let Xorg go back to how it likes to work these days.
> cheers Chris

Thanks guys.  My laptop won't go to 1024x768 without the xorg.conf file 
so that's why I was surprised when it wasn't there.


Knute Johnson
knute2009 at knutejohnson.com

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