Don't buy HP computers

Andy stude.list at
Tue Mar 31 22:27:40 UTC 2009

2009/3/31 Karl F. Larsen <klarsen1 at>:
>    Your both full of shit! I can send you the email I got from HP if
> your calling me a liar, which you are!

First please moderate your language, profanity is not called for.

Secondly I don't see anyone calling you a liar. HP as a whole are
friendly to Linux. They are Platinum members of the Linux
Foundation[1] they support a number of open source projects including
Debian[2] (Ubuntu is derived from Debian) and they have a large number
of open source printer drivers[3] for Linux.

Thier tech support may not support Linux, but having had the joy of
using HP tech support to try and get a Windows PC fixed I know they
barely support Windows (in fact they couldn't fix my problem and
couldn't even be bothered to give me a ring back despite promising to
do so).

I guess HP just have poor consumer tech support. Luckily I rarely have
to resort to calling tech support. And besides we have the wonderful
people here for Linux tech support.

Unfortunately Canonical don't really offer support for hardware
problems (nice one Canonical!!!) so you can't even pay for support if
you wanted to.



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