Don't buy HP computers

Markus Schönhaber ubuntu-users at
Tue Mar 31 20:04:45 UTC 2009

Dotan Cohen:

>> 4. At best, people now know that Karl may have a specific problem with a
>> specific HP machine in a specific dual-boot scenario with Vista. But
>> they do *not* know whether this problem is caused by the machine, Karl,
>> Vista or something else. Nor do they know if no-one can fix it or if
>> just Karl is not able to.
> They also know that HP has no interest in the subject of this mailing
> list (Ubuntu Linux). Which was the point of this thread.

1. That may be your point but not THE point of this thread as I see it.
And even that is nothing new nor anything which make HP a special case
among all computer manufacturers. Lack of Linux support is a very common
phenomenon, and we all seem to agree on what can be done to change this.
2. It does *not* prove that HP has no interest in Linux. It simply shows
that HP has no interest in *supporting* Linux (at least for this
particular type of machine). Which is something very different.
I guess, many people can live with the lack of Linux support as long as
the machine simply works with Linux.
3. (and not least) having a problem with a specific machine of a
manufacturer IMO doesn't justify an outcry like "Don't buy *any* machine
from them!". I call that an invalid generalisation.
Even more so since no-one really knows what the root cause of the
problem is nor whether it is solvable or not.

>> BTW: Lenovo/IBM doesn't provide Linux *support* for my T60. Nevertheless
>> it *works* like a charm running Linux.
> As does my Dell (bought before they came with Linux). But that is not the point.

Maybe not yours, but mine.


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