Ubuntu on a 1024x600 resolution.

Dirk Freitag unreal.linux at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 19:50:54 UTC 2009

Another thing I was just curious about.  I have been dealing with this 
issue ever since I installed Ubuntu on my Lenovo Ideapad S10.  Again, 
the graphics card that is in my S10 is an Intel Graphics Media 
Accelerator 950 (GMA 950), in 945GSE.  Now, since my netbook has a 10.2" 
display, the native resolution is 1024x600.  However, menus, settings 
windows, and even some applications within Linux and Gnome seem to be 
hard coded for the 1024x768 resolution, because I will lose the bottom 
portion of these windows.  Is there a way that I can resolve this or 
make it so that the windows auto-scale down to fit in my resolution? 

Dirk Freitag
Linux Registered User Number 487244          [http://counter.li.org/]

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