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Tue Mar 31 18:31:08 UTC 2009

2009/3/31 Gary Kirkpatrick <pegngary at>:
> On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 12:55 PM, Robert Parker <rlp1938 at> wrote:

> Ok until I get to the this instruction:
> Open the PulseAudio Volume Control application ("pavucontrol", or you can
> launch "Applications/Sound & Video/PulseAudio Device Chooser" and select
> Volume Control from this applet's menu). In the Output Devices section you
> will see a listing of the playback devices available on your system.
> Right-click on the entry that you desire to be made the default playback
> device on your system and enable the "Default" checkmark. Similarly,
> navigate to Input Devices, then right-click on the device you wish to set as
> your default input device (microphone), and ensure the "Default" setting is
> checked. Close the application when you're finished.

> There is no 'output section' that I can find.  Tried every option.  Am I
> missing something?

On my system 'pavucontrol' gets me a box with 4 tabs, "Playback",
"Recording", "Output Devices", and "Input Devices".
On my system for "Output Devices" the list at the bottom right shows
"All Output Devices" and the the  "Open Menu", at the top right, when
opened shows only "Default" which is checked. The "Input Devices" tab
shows "All Except Monitors" and again the only selectable item at the
top right is "Default" which is checked.

I think all you need do is make sure that the "Default" option is checked.

Maybe just attempt to configure Skype. You do need to be logged in to
do the configuration.

Bob Parker
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