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On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 1:17 PM, Justin <eqisow at> wrote:

> I didn't read the whole thread, but I do want to point out that Ubuntu
> Jaunty works great on my Compaq (HP) CQ60. Everything worked out of the box.
> My only complaint is being forced to pay for Vista and being denied the
> partial refund, even after going as far as the BBB. Still, even with Vista
> in the price it was cheaper than any of the Linux notebooks available. Kind
> of sad, actually.

Addendum: I just reread the first post and I guess I should point out that I
never even booted into Vista, just wiped it. 100% Linux machine here. :)

> 2009/3/31 Franz Waldmüller <waldbauernbub at>
> Karl F. Larsen schrieb:
>> >     I have a Presidio CQ50 laptop from HP. I did the necessary moving of
>> > partitions around so I could load Ubuntu. I have 8.11 and 9.04Beta
>> > installed and running quite well. A problem occurred that kept WiFi from
>> > working. The problem is that the wifi hardware is turned off by Vista
>> > when you stop it.
>> The Asus eeePC of my girlfriend is having similar problems:
>> Sometimes wifi shuts itself off, but there is no Windows Dual Boot
>> install just plain ubuntu. I think that the BIOS is buggy, because it
>> was simply disabled in the bios, just had to switch it back on (in the
>> BIOS).
>> As long as it doesn't happen often it is not a major problem (No my
>> girfriend knows how to access bios settings)
>> Maybe your problem is similar?
>> -> When blaming the brand it would be a good idea to rule out other
>> inflences (as Windows Vista in your case).
>> Franz
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