Don't buy HP computers

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Tue Mar 31 13:07:07 UTC 2009

> I totally disagree.  If anyone has recently purchased a DELL with
> Ubuntu, they don't really support it either.  I will see if I can dig up
> that post I saw about Dell but they /install/ it but that doesn't mean
> they really /support/ it.

Other than hardware support, I would never call Dell for support. I do
own some Dell equipment, such as the x50v handheld and an Inspiron
laptop. Both are fecal matter, though.

> I avoid Dell like the plague. I have had nothing but pain from them for
> laptops/desktops, but my HPs/Compaq's have been running FLAWLESSLY for
> years now.  In fact, I have one HP (my MP3 jukebox) has an uptime of
> over 4 years now.

My power company doesn't even have that kind of uptime! I know that HP
is a good company, and I have HP equipment (just a printer at the
moment) but the point is that they do not support Ubuntu, the focus of
this mailing list.

> If you avoid EVERY vendor who won't support linux you'll end up either
> being without a computer or having to build your own.

Er, I do build my own desktops. Laptops are another story.

Dotan Cohen

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