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Jim Smith jim at
Tue Mar 31 01:00:39 UTC 2009

Dirk Freitag wrote:
> I have a Lenovo IdeaPad S10 netbook with an Intel Graphics Media 
> Accelerator 950 (GMA 950), in 945GSE.  Now, when I goto a flash based 
> site, for example the flash intro that plays on that 
> site is very choppy when I am booted into Ubuntu.  If I am booted in 
> windows, the flash intro plays smoothly like it is supposed to.  I was 
> curious as to what the difference was, and how I could improve the flash 
> performance when booted in Ubuntu?  Thanks.
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> Dirk Freitag
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Pretty much the same here, I think it might be related to problems with
Pulseaudio in 8.10. I'll make a note to check again after I upgrade to



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