Ubuntu 8.10 applets not saving properties - sounds + NetManager

Thorny thorntreehome at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 10:41:32 UTC 2009

> @Thorny:
> My home setup includes a static IP from the provider but I also have a
> wifi usb stick in my home PC.
> What good would in this case be to only be able to do roaming with the
> Network Manager. (when it has in it an option to add a static ip instead
> of DHCP for a network card..and I have 2 onboard). I was able to make a
> workaround against this bug (I found it reported already) by doing
> ifconfig / route add default gw in a script and/or killing NetManager,
> but it's not the civilized way to go.

If you had given more information in the first place you could have
received a better answer.

The static IP you describe is on a WAN (not LAN) and it will always be on
the same interface. You could have a proper stanza in your interfaces file
for the WiFi stick which allows NetworkManager to receive IP from DHCP on
your LAN (or other lans you visit).

However, I'm old school, for me simple answer would be to un-install
NetworkManager, and configure interfaces in the way that is necessary for
the topology of the network involved. What is uncivilized about the way we
have done things for years?

I'm surprised that you didn't find the WICD answer in you previous search,
it a frequently asked question and proposed solution here for people who
require automagic.

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