ubuntu server intrepid does not boot

Papp Károly linuxkharon at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 12:42:47 UTC 2009

I am quite new in Linux, but I have a few years behind me in IT and

So general information is coming up :-)

On a few servers I've installed (WS2k3, I know it's a shame, but hey
come on, they pay me to do this... :-)) we received a special boot
CD/DVD within the package, and without the drivers that were on the
disc, I couldn't see (actually Windows couldn't see) the RAID5
partitions. To be able to use the HW RAID system of these servers, I had
to boot from the disc, and go through a special setup procedure (in
which I could config everything I needed), and after a reboot, WS2k3
worked just like an angel...

And all of these without tampering the BIOS...

So I guess it could worth the time to take a look around, maybe you can
get some bootable images with the needed drivers.

Good luck, and be the first, kill your boss and take his job... :-)

Best wishes

P.S.: Sorry for the typos (if any), I hadn't got a chance for a long
time to use my English.
> >[...]
> > I've changed the uuid on grub to good hold /dev/XXX and it's exactly the
> > same lol
> > 
> > just giving up... my boss gonna kill me
> >[...]
> I can understand your frustration although I am having trouble
> understanding what you are writing.
> However, since it boots correctly when you select IDE in the BIOS and,
> presumably, it has some kind of hardware RAID. Maybe you should just not
> select that and setup software RAID for your file storage. Most of the
> time that can work out better if the MB fails and you can't get a direct,
> exact replacement anyway. Software RAID should work on whatever you would
> have to replace a failed MB with and I doubt that there would be a
> significant performance difference.
> That's the most I can offer, except to say, I wish you would please post
> in text only to the list as HTML is to be avoided per the Ubuntu Mailing
> List Etiquette.
> http://www.ubuntu.com/support/community/mailinglists/etiquette

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