ubuntu server intrepid does not boot

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> > My other suggestion about device designation in the menu.lst would
> > probably be worth a try.
> >After considering this further while having lunch, I doubt this, by
> >itself, would help as it won't get to menu.lst if it can't find the GRUB
> >MBR. Maybe you'll have to write the GRUB MBR to whichever drive is
> >enumerated as hd0 in order for it to work, as long as you get consistency
> >in which drive is hd0, and then use the LABEL or UUID designation of the
> >IDE drive for the boot partition in menu.lst.
> >You mentioned language, If you have trouble translating and find my
> >suggestion unclear, I can try to explain it better or someone here may
> >speak your first language and be willing to help.
> I understand english perfectily but the writing isn't that good, lack of
> pratice... Thanks for the concern :D
> Ok, back to business, i' ve had dinner, and rested a little...
> It can find grub at start up without cd, lets get to grub console and do
> grub thingies :p it shows that my master boot is at hd0,1 wich should be
> correct...
> Editing the grub option i can see that uuid is already at use but it does
> not work...
> The thing that bothers me the most is
>                 - the fact that if i boot from cd
>                 - then on cd menu choose "boot from first disk"
>                 - it appears the grub again ( so far so good, it should amd
> it does )
> If i edit the options they are the same as grub without cd BUT and yes BUT
> if i go grub console the system drive is hd4,1...
> And if that isn't strange egnouth ( remeber that i'm still on grub after
> booting from cd ) one of the first or even the first line that appears shows
> that it is booting (hd0,1) ext3 bla bla bla...
> This stuff kills me...
> I have one of two options the way i see it:
>                  - Find a way to boot grub as if it is called from
> installation cd
>                  - replace motherboard
> I leave it to your appreciation...
> If you have any doubts or anything you wanna ask please do.
> Thanks for your time and knowledge


I've changed the uuid on grub to good hold /dev/XXX and it's exactly the
same lol

just giving up... my boss gonna kill me
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