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>> > Bill Taylor schreef:
>> > > Is it possible to edit the shut down time and make it 3 secs.
>> >
>> > Hello Bill,
>> >
>> > I hardly ever shut down my computer. I use sleep or suspend, and that
>> > takes only a few seconds. For those rare times that I do shut down my
>> > 'puter (perhaps once a month or so) I really don't mind that it takes up
>> > to 30 seconds.
>> >
>> > May I ask a counterquestion? Why do you want your computer to shut down
>> > so fast?
>> >
>> > --
>> > Amedee
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> Before everyone goes off on me, I'll explain.  I live in a poor
>> neighborhood and When a CPU is seen on the side of the street, folks in
>> my church pick it up and deliver it to me and I refurbish it and install
>> Ubuntu.  These units usually are given to first year university students
>> and occasionally to someone my age, from 60 to 70 years of age.
>> Being a disabled War Veteran I cannot work and instead give free phone
>> and on site Tech Assistance.  The number one complaint from the youth
>> and the elderly is the requirement to either clicking Shut Down in two
>> places or wait for sixty seconds for the machine to begin the shut-down
>> process.  I have already edited grub.lst to a three second interval for
>> most of these folks and I promised to research the possibility of a
>> simular wait for shut-down bur a google search did not help me.
> 60 seconds before beginning the shut down process? That can't be right, can
> it?
> I will try that on my system and then get back here…
> J.R.
Okay, I'm back…
How long it takes for my laptop to shut down depends on what I have done
with it before shutting it down. In this case, not much: Studied some of my
emerald settings, had Pidgin running in the background and I used Opera, the
web browser, with only two tabs open, one of them was my GMail.
Two click with the mouse is required to shut this baby down: The upper right
corner and then Shut down. 14.6 s later, my laptop was completely shut down,
so I'm not sure about what 60 s you are talking about.
My laptop is a Packad Bell Easy Note, bought in December 2006, with Windows
XP pre-installed. One small partition, about 15 GB, still contains XP, the
rest is Ubuntu 8.10 and it boots to Ubuntu by default. Of course this test
was made with Ubuntu.
More data:
1.6 GHz, 2.0 GiB RAM.
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