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Thorny thorntreehome at
Sat Mar 28 15:15:30 UTC 2009

On Sat, 28 Mar 2009 14:59:47 +0100, Amedee Van Gasse (Ubuntu) posted:

> Chan Chung Hang Christopher schreef:
>> I think you need to change to subject if you really want Amedee to get
>> your reply.
> You are absolutely right. I didn't get his reply. It didn't even enter my
> mailserver. Yeah I'm a real BOFH ;-)
> My only question is, how will the mailing list software react if it
> occasionally gets rejects on the mail it sends to me? If my solution has a
> negative side effect, then I will accept the emails and then silently
> discard them with procmail.
> Is there a mailing list expert who can answer this? To resume: I am
> telling my Postfix to reject certain mails from this mailing list, based
> on the subject.
> Kind regards,

This is not an answer to your specific question but I see that you are
using Thunderbird as your mail reader. What most people do is setup
message filters to handle the issue. Of course, you do have the other
option that you have mentioned, can choose to make it as complicated or
easy as you want.

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