Windows/Ubuntu Dual Boot-Setting time in one changes time in the other

Andrew Johnson ajj9 at
Fri Mar 27 23:23:53 UTC 2009

Yes, I am definitely dual booting.

Andy Johnson

Dirk Freitag wrote:
> Andrew Johnson wrote:
>> I am dual booting Ubuntu 8.10 and Windows 7 beta.  The time in Windows
>> is always 4 hours ahead of Ubuntu.  Whenever I change the time in one it
>> also changes it in the other.  The BIOS clock shows the correct time.
>> I've tried changing the time zone and setting time via the Internet, but
>> the times are still always 4 hours apart.
> The times should not be affecting one another because when you are 
> booted into Windows, there should not be settings that get changed in 
> Ubuntu because you are not booted in it and vice versa.  Are you 
> positive that you are dual booted and not running Ubuntu as a virtual 
> machine while booted into Windows?
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