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Fri Mar 27 22:36:05 UTC 2009

On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 3:27 PM, Vincent Trouilliez
<vincent.trouilliez at> wrote:
> I am not sure what I am about to describe is your problem, but at least
> it's a potential lead.
> My problem was that when I was typing a long e-mail, regularly the
> cursor would stop typing my text, it would hang for a few seconds, then
> the text I typed during this interval would appear all of a sudden.
> I found that the problem was two fold:
> 1) My internet serivce provider sometimes (once a year maybe) gives me
> troubles: connecting to sites is very slow. Once connected, it's fast,
> but the act of connecting is very slow.
> 2) My e-mail client is set to poll my POP mail server every 3 minutes.
> So every 3 minutes it was trying to connect to the server, but since
> the connection was crappy, it would hang/wait for the server, and while
> doing so, it would stop reading what I was typing when composing an
> e-mail. Since most e-mail are very short, it only showed when writing
> long e-mails. The problem of course is that the e-mail client (was/is
> "Sylpheed" in this case) should treat things in parallel, so that
> polling a server doesn't hang the composing window.
> Sylphee still has this problem, but since my ISP exhibits slow
> connection times only very rarely, it's not really a problem in
> practice... though it would still be nice to see Sylpheed get fixed.
> You problem happens in other applications, that's why I am not sure how
> relevant my experience is to you. However, Firefox is obviously related
> to networking, and text editors/Kate, may also be connected to the
> network, so may be affected by network problems like Sylpheed is.

That is the exact same issue I'm having but my ISP doesn't experience
slowdown.  In fact typing an email shouldn't be effected by connection
speed at all, though.

I access Gmail directly through FF.  When I get the lag, for lack of a
better description), in OO or Kate they are not saving anything.

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