Trying to DUMP Windows.... But

Chris Jones jonesc at
Fri Mar 27 14:41:18 UTC 2009

>   This is an example of the downside to forum resource. Call it 
> language, comprehension or whatever, but when I had ubuntu with wubi as 
> vehicle for install I THOUGHT I was running ubuntu inside windows. 
> Revelation to learn I was not, but where was ubuntu running if not on my 
> NTFS partition?

To most people I think the term INSIDE windows means you have windows 
running, then start up a program, just like explorer etc. The point is 
Ubuntu is not like any other application, its a full operating system. 
So, the only way to get it running 'inside' windows is to use a virtual 

Wubi is different. What this does is create a file on your NTFS windows 
file that acts like a normal file system to Ubuntu. You cannot though 
start up a Ubuntu application whilst running windows. You natively boot 
to Ubuntu by selecting it at the boot manager prompt (i.e. windows is 
not running at all) but through some clever magic that occurs at the 
start of the ubuntu boot sequence, that file on your NTFS filesystem is 
'mapped' to a standard etx3 file system which ubuntu sees. From then on, 
you are running ubuntu natively.


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