No Boot Screen - Ever!

David McNally david3333333 at
Fri Mar 27 01:53:28 UTC 2009

Hi all.

I found etc/usplach.conf, and it said:

"# Usplash configuration file
# These parameters will only apply after running update-initramfs.


(without the quotes).

The screen resolution is normally 1152x864, which is what it says in
the usplash.conf file. It looks like my screen supports that

On 3/26/09, David McNally <david3333333 at> wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I only noticed this a few days ago, but my Ubuntu computer has never shown
> me the boot screen (where it says "Ubuntu" at the top with the Ubuntu logo
> next to it, and with the bar that fills up with orange as it loads more). I
> originally installed 8.04 on this computer, and then upgraded to 8.10. Ever
> since the installation, I've never seen it. I know that I'm supposed to see
> it when the computer turns on and when it turns, but I never see it.
> However, I have seen the boot screen whenever I run off of a LiveCD. I
> haven't run a LiveCD since I installed the computer, but I figured someone
> might ask me if it worked when I did that, so I tried booting off a LiveCD
> and the boot screen showed up like normal.
> I figure that there has to be something to fix this, but I can't imagine
> what it is; maybe there's something I can put into the terminal to fix it.
> I
> just don't know what it is, though.
> Thanks in advance,
> David
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