Benchmarking my desktop

Vincent Arnoux vincent.arnoux at
Thu Mar 26 14:41:24 UTC 2009

Hello the list,
I am looking for a way to benchmark my desktop, in order to make a
comparison on my laptop of different DE's (XFCE, Gnome and KDE). I
found some benchmarks like Phoronix test suite, but unfortunately,
they don't seem to stress specifically the desktop, only the
CPU/RAM/graphic card. What I would need is a tool evaluating times to
open/close this DE specific applications a certain number of times,
reducing/moving windows, changing workspace and so on while monitoring
RAM and CPU usage. Does anyone have a link?

If it doesn't exist, I could write such a test suite but I would need
some hints about how to interact with applications via scripting.
Launching and killing an application is easy, but how can I for
instance write a few lines in a text editor window? How can I move or
resize a window and time this operation?


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