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Derek Broughton derek at
Wed Mar 25 15:20:16 UTC 2009

Cybe R. Wizard wrote:

> NoOp <glgxg at>  said:
>> For that you could have bought her around 4-5 new quality 'college'
>> laptops & tell her that all but the hard drives are disposable if they
>> die...
> Don't I know it; I've never paid more than less than[1] half that for a
> computer before! But it was for  a reward as much as just a really good
> (or so we thought) machine for 4 future years.  Who would have guessed
> that it would cost more than a thousand dollars per semester?
> Of course, laptops were more expensive in general then.
> [1] I couldn't resist using that phrase, it is so..
>      stupid-looking.  Is it understandable?

Yes, I've only once paid more than less than half $4000 for a computer, and
that was my first XT, which cost me $2300.  Now I want a netbook, but since
they all cost more than less than half what I paid for my last two laptops,
I'm having a hard time justifying it :-)

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