timezone setting

Aart Koelewijn aart at mtack.xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 25 13:21:54 UTC 2009

On Wed, 25 Mar 2009 02:20:20 +0000, Nik N wrote:

> I said nothing about how Unix/Linux keeps time (including file-system,
> which is, in this context, part of the OS), I was talking about the
> applications, which, as a rule, simply use the local time. The issue is,
> at least the way I see it, simply this: should the Ubuntu server
> installer allow the selection of UTC as the server's local time. I
> believe it should. All other Linux distribution installers I ever used
> provide this.
> Nik

If you remove /etc/timezone the localtime is not known by any 
application, so they can only use UTC.


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