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Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Tue Mar 24 22:21:56 UTC 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Hi all, KDE user spending a week in Gnome.
> 1) When I configured the keyboard layouts for two languages,
> everything worked fine. After restarting the computer, the keyboard
> shortcut does not change layouts. However, it is properly configured
> already when I try to configure it in Keyboard Preferences -> Layouts.
> Furthermore, clicking in the indicator to switch languages does in
> fact change the language listed in the indicator, however, the typing
> is in English no matter which layout the indicator shows.
> 2) In what may be a related issue, Sticky Keys does not work after
> restarting the computer either, even though it is properly configured.
> 3) Is there no Krunner equivalent in Gnome? In KDE, the user can press
> Alt-F2 then type in the name of the program that he needs to run. I
> have installed Gnome Do but I cannot seem to bind it to a keyboard
> shortcut.
> 4) I cannot find where to configure a single desktop as opposed to the
> two that Gnome gives me as default. Clicking Preferences from the
> desktop pager applet does not give me an option to change the amount
> of desktops, nor does anywhere else in the menus that I can find.
> Googling leads me to believe that it _should_ be in the applet but it
> is not. What am I doing wrong?
> Thanks.
    Hi all you do is right click on the two window thing lower right and 
look at preferance and choose how many. I have mine set to 4 windows.



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