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> I have installed a new MSI 865GM3-V motherboard in my computer.  I downloaded (from another computer) 8.1 and installed.  All went pretty well except some things don't work so well.  The USB optical mouse is a bit flakey but the biggie is the onboard 10-100 Ethernet is not working (although Ubuntu says I am connected to the network, I cannot get to the internet).  I have tried several different internet connection settings within Firefox to no avail.  Sound isn't working either.  But my printer does!  I have looked high and low for Linux drivers for this motherboard.  All I can find are Win drivers.  Any suggestions?  I am about ready to give up and go back to XP. 
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I recently built a MSI board and there is where the problem lies.  The
drivers were not the proper drivers and the Tech service is some Indian
reading from a computer screen so the answer with every communication
was exactly the same.  The problem is MSI and their down hill slide on
quality.  I tossed the brand new board in the trash and replaced it with
a BioStar.  Good luck and God bless.

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