OT: Thunderbird email removal

Mark Haney mhaney at ercbroadband.org
Tue Mar 24 14:40:49 UTC 2009

Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>     I have been using Thunderbird email client for a long time. But this 
> morning I learned out how to delete old email in large chunks. I have 
> wanted to do it for some time but it didn't seem to work. Here is what 
> works.
>     First select the mail you want to delete. You do this by selecting 
> the oldest email, and then go to the newest you want to delete and first 
> hold the Shift key which darkens all the email you want to delete. Now 
> just click on Delete and watch. It takes a little time but in the lower 
> left corner it tells you it is sending email to the trash directory. You 
> can look at the Trash and it will show the files you sent there.
> Karl
I'm really gonna pretend you didn't send this to my email.  That's a
shortcut EVERYONE should know.  The shift-click option is used in
virtually every GUI out there.  My kids know it, the youngest is 10.
Did we really need this in our INBOXes?

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