Thorny thorntreehome at
Tue Mar 24 11:09:19 UTC 2009

On Tue, 24 Mar 2009 07:44:33 +1000, Res posted:

> On Mon, 23 Mar 2009, Thorny wrote:
>> On Mon, 23 Mar 2009 08:53:29 +1000, Res posted:
>>> After 3 other ppl on list emailed me with same issue, I replaced a
>>> ubuntu packages with upstreams, problem eliminated, and confirmed by
>>> the others.
>> Aw gee Res, are you trying to get the "top posting" argument restarted?
>> ;-)
> ummmmmm... might be :)
>> What is it with the far too frequent tendency for people to discuss
>> things in private messages. Two of the strengths of a list are the peer
>> review
> I was just "closing" the thread incase someone bothered to respond in days
> to come, stop em wasting their time, as I might not see it, since i might
> be away for days or weeks at a time from this list, and with avg of 100
> posts a day, do you really think i'm gunna sit here and go through
> thousands of posts :)  so i tend to just delete to about the last page or
> so in pine, or high-speed-skim if theres only a few hundred, most often
> something wont catch my eye.
>> that it can provide and the chance for lurkers to learn, when things are
>> done in private those strengths are nullified. And if your "problem" was
>> solved, why didn't you share details of the solution? Isn't open source
>> about sharing?
> yeah but nobody reads my posts, afterall i'm aparently "a troll" , and
> trolls by defination contribute nothing, so i was living up to your/their
> expectations of me :)

This thread was not a troll, it had relevant content. At least, it
could have if you had chosen to add it. One, or perhaps some, of your
other posts have been trolls in my opinion, that does not make you a
troll. Actually, I think you would have the ability to contribute a
certain breadth and depth to discussions if you, aren't bored, choose

Was it a "network-mangler" issue, that was my first thought. No need to
answer, this thread is solved and closed.

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