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Alan E. Davis wrote:
> My family members all want to access our photo archive, and perhaps
> music files from individual user's accounts.  How can I set this up?
> Here's what I thought of so far, but I think it's not going to work
> nicely: two ideas are
>    - set up a user "common" where a partition is mounted to
> /home/common/photos, or some such.
>    - set up symlinks in each user's directory to folders that other
> users may be allowed to access
>  Is there a standard way to do this?  I don't wnat to share folders
> with a windows computer.

Probably simplest is to have both users members of the same "group" (as
in /etc/group)

Then make the directory (and sub files) owned by that group (chgrp -R
YourGroup /YourSharedFolder)

Then you want to set that directory's (Set User ID) bit for the group,
recursively (chmod g+s /YouSharedFolder)

And you should be set...


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