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Mon Mar 23 22:00:19 UTC 2009

On Mon, 23 Mar 2009, Thorny wrote:

>> It's called "a life" you should try it sometime, its amazing!
> Well, I've had one for more than 6 decades so far, but I feel some need to

Well, at 42 i'm only a pup, so you'd know better then me that the 
other half often commands attention, and i rather enjoy complying :)

> "give back" in some small way for the open source software that has been
> provided for me.

Oh I've given back many times over the years to several projects, but i'm 
not a chest beater so dont feel the need to add them all to things like my 
sig or advertise it, i've always been and will be, a "quiet achiever"

> Note: Your spellchecker is broken. :-)

I don't use one, its a pain to manually go ctl-T in pine :)

>>> We know that you are a Slackware user and all the elitism that implies.
>> Actually, Slackware, RHEL, Solaris, no more AIX thank god, but ubuntu is
>> 3rd boot option in laptop, you see i dont dis a distro without trying it
>> first :)  However I spend a fair amount of time in ubuntu on laptop,
>> mostly coz I detest KDE and my time is limited these days so I CBF
>> building all the gnome packages for slack, as I am a great fan of gnome
>> and prefer it over any othe GUI.
> Hey man, you've been around long enough to know, real geeks use the CLI. :-)

I do, what do you think im using now? :) what do you think I use on all 
list/newsgroups under this account hehe. Of course I use Evolution and ff 
in gnome a lot for work, afterall, some of these programmers dont 
understand anything exits outside of GUI, and trying to use portals in 
lynx is a pain, but its awesome loading pages if i'm away on laptop using 
dialup, 150k pages load in 2 seconds ... some webmasters think its cool to 
concentrate on "eye candy" rather than factual content or usability, one 
day I hope they will wake up to reality.

> Not our problem if you are bored, go back to the life you mentioned. ;-)

I did, right after I posted that message lol.
I'm here now coz works very quiet this morning, enjoying a coffee, some 
Pink Floyd, and ssh-to-home for your entertainment on usenet/mailing 
lists, what more could I ask for :)


-Beware of programmers who carry screwdrivers

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