Enough already

Thorny thorntreehome at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 10:48:42 UTC 2009

On Sun, 22 Mar 2009 16:26:05 -0600, Karl F. Larsen posted:

>     I do like the way gmail works but the IMAP stinks! It works just
> fine for a few days and then like today it almost stopped working. I
> hope this will make the list.
> So I am looking for something I can buy that works almost all the time.
Karl, I know we are supposed to try and help people with the actual
questions they ask but the problem with that is that when people are
having trouble they often become frustrated and attribute the problem to a
wrong cause and seek a solution based on that.

It would probably be more productive and likely to get better answers if
you would make a more detailed trouble report. Detail what is happening
that you think shouldn't be happening, what isn't happening that you think
should be happening and any other things, like confirm that you still have
a connection at the time the problem occurs. Symptoms.

I remember you mentioning trouble with Gmail IMAP access not too long ago
and at that time you mentioned someone was fouling it up for you. If there
is a chance your password was compromised, you'll just continue to have
trouble with that account until you change it. But, you can't rely on
everyone reading this who might be able to help you to remember any
history involved, so a good trouble report is very important. I realise it
takes time and trouble to write it out. Took time for me to type this
advice too but that's why we come here.

One thing you might do is open another account with a strong password and
see if it works the way you want and expect. Also note what poster Tommy
Trussell mentioned about trying the web interface. If you need an invite
to make it easy to open another account, I imagine one of us would send
you one.

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