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Hello to all and especially to anyone who can help.  I just received my first laptop from Dell using the Ubuntu system.  I am NOT very astute with computers and struggle with some of the lingo so if you respond understand that I may need clarification on some things.


I use a Dell computer at home and purchased the laptop so that I could have email and web access when I am away from the house.  My biggest problem is this. I have not been able to access the web via WiFi.  I contacted Dell and was told that, because it is an Ubuntu system, I must work directly with Ubuntu.  I did get one Dell Tech to speak with me but he didn't have a clue as to how to solve my problem.


When I begin, I click the Ubunto Icon, then Systems, then Administration, then Network.  A window opens entitled Network settings. This window offers three options for connecting to the internet, one of them is Wireless Connection.  Unfortunately all of the window choices are in grayscale and none of them respond to the cursor.  No one at Dell knows what to do at this point and neither do I.


Within the Network Settings Window there is a link entitled "unlock".  When I click this link I am prompted for an Administrator Password.  Where do I get this password if I need it?  The folks at Dell say they don't have a clue.  Does everyone go through this?  Do I have a mfr. problem?  Am I stupid?  Who can help me?

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