Login window resolution

Dirk Freitag unreal.linux at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 15:28:44 UTC 2009

Mahadi Hasan wrote:
> My login window resolution is bigger than that of my desktop. My 
> desktop's resolution is 1024*768. How do I bring the login window 
> resolution to 1024*768?
> Regards,
> Mahadi

What you can try is making a change in your xorg.conf file.  So do a 
"sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf" and scroll down until you get to 
display.  You will see a line that has "Modes" and probably a bunch of 
resolutions after that.  Add the resolution you need that matches your 
monitor and video card as the first resolution listed, and reboot.  It 
may take some trial and error, but this should help.

Dirk Freitag
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