[ubuntu-users] Changing 232.9 NTFS hd to EXT3

Ted Hilts thilts at mcsnet.ca
Sat Mar 21 02:08:36 UTC 2009

This is a resend as the original email has not shown up on the list.

I want to know the optimal solution.
The hard drive (HD) is 232.9 GB.
The application using the HD is the storage of web pages.
The HD is currently mounted as NTFS and there is no data on it that I 
Ubuntu is installed in a dual boot grub configuration.with XP HOME.
While Ubuntu is booted I want to format this drive.
Eventually all but one of the 6 current NTFS formatted hard drives will 
be changed to EXT3.

The following is what I think is the correct use of options to be 
applied after the 232.9 GB HD has been dismounted by Ubuntu with the 
command umount "/media/sdc1"

sudo /sbin/mkfs.ext3 -c -i 1024 -b 1024 -L HDA1 -v /dev/hda1

and then mount the HD.  Also, is there anything I have missed?

I think the smallest size for blocks is now 1024 but at one time used to 
be 512.

BELOW is the man page synopsis:

      mke2fs  [  -c  |  -l  filename ] [ -b block-size ] [ -f 
fragment-size ] [ -g blocks-per-group ] [ -i
      bytes-per-inode ] [ -I inode-size ] [ -j ] [ -J journal-options ] 
[ -N number-of-inodes ] [ -n  ]  [
      -m  reserved-blocks-percentage  ]  [  -o creator-os ] [ -O 
feature[,...]  ] [ -q ] [ -r fs-revision-
      level ] [ -E extended-options ] [ -v ] [ -F ] [ -L volume-label ] 
[ -M last-mounted-directory ] [ -S
      ] [ -T filesystem-type ] [ -V ] device [ blocks-count ]

      mke2fs  -O journal_dev [ -b block-size ] [ -L volume-label ] [ -n 
] [ -q ] [ -v ] external-journal [
      blocks-count ]

      mke2fs is used to create an ext2/ext3 filesystem (usually in a 
disk partition).  device is the  spe?
      cial  file corresponding to the device (e.g /dev/hdXX).  
blocks-count is the number of blocks on the
      device.  If omitted, mke2fs automagically figures the file system 
size.  If called  as  mkfs.ext3  a
      journal is created as if the -j option was specified.

Thanks for any input -- Ted

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