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H.S. wrote:
> madanabhat27 at wrote:
>> Hi folks ! 
>> Thanx 4 all the tips and suggestions you gave me abt the home server
and the alternative to ArchiCAD but  I was wondering weather or not there are
any open source alternatives to tally 9.xx which are compatible with it coz we
need an accounting software for our a/c dept. And as you guys would have
probably figured out by now we are planning to migrate all our PC's to
Ubuntu 8.10 x64 and 8.04 LTS x86 and x64 any help would be most welcome 
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> I am not an accountant and do not know much about it. Having said that,
> would LedgerSMB ( be interesting to you? It
> would be interesting to know your opinion about it from your point of
> view (your requirements vs what it provides and whether it is suitable
> for your needs).
> Regards.
    You appear to work for someone somewhere, who for some reason wants 
to use Ubuntu, or, your trying to talk your boss into this. Either way 
asking a bunch of Ubuntu users what software works just like that on 
Windows is silly. There is no way we can do that. I use software written 
for Ubuntu to do my accounting and taxes and everything I need. But I 
only have to satisfy me.



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Well, tell the OP just what you use as accounting is accounting
whether it's windose or Linux.  Who knows, it might be just 
what he needs and looking for.

Leonard Chatagnier

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