Restarting Xserver from cli

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Thu Mar 19 23:12:35 UTC 2009

> In Launchpad:
> In particular (listed in the above link):
> Registered: 2007-04-27. Started: 2008-11-18.
> Here is the X options GUI configurator, which will allow to set
> Ctrl-Alt-Bsp (among other things) by a click or two. It is already in
> Jaunty. The package name is xorg-options-editor-gtk

Thank you, I will spend some time going through that next week.

>> The command to enable C-A-B is not a replacement for a way to kill the
>> X server because one must know in advance that he needs to enable it.
>> Often, the user will not know that he needs that until it is too late.
> Here we go again: non-expert users *do not know* that C-A-B kills X,
> that's the whole problem. Anyone who knows and cares can (and will) know
> how to enable it.

My mother in law will not know to enable nozap. And yes, my 74 year
old mother in law installed Ubuntu herself, after I gave her the disk.
This is a woman who closes her web browser after each site and reopens
it to get back to The Internet (google homepage). And I still support
that system when there are problems.

> In case that X locks up before you enabled it, it does not matter,
> either, because X is locked anyway, so you can just reboot this one time
> and *then* enable it. Gosh!

Reboot and loose data?!? Gosh!

> BTW,
>     1. This was an upstream change and Ubuntu only followed, adding the
>        option to reenable it
>     2. The full wiki discussion (linked from the blueprint) links to a
>        bugreport at, which gives plenty of evidence
>        that users *did* press this by accident:

I had heard that this was upstream but I did not take the initiative
to google it. I'll read that, thanks.

Dotan Cohen


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