Open source alternative to ArchiCAD for ubuntu 8.10 x64

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Thu Mar 19 19:00:44 UTC 2009

> I deal with a lot of CAD and Building Information Modeling coz I design a lot of houses and other such buildings as I am an architect and as I would have probably told you guys in my last email I have just migrated from MS Windows Vista Business x64 and I would like to know weather or not there are any open source alternatives for my trusty ArchiCAD which are compatible with Ubuntu 8.10 x64 and if so then how much do they cost ?

Please write to Graphisoft and let them know that there is demand for
ArchiCAD on Linux. Lots of these companies are contemplating Linux
products but if we do not display an interest then they certainly will
never write the software.

Here is their contact page:

Let us know what you wrote, and let us know what their response was. Thanks.

Dotan Cohen


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