Open source alternative to ArchiCAD for ubuntu 8.10 x64

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Thu Mar 19 12:35:24 UTC 2009

madanabhat27 at wrote:
> Hi folks ! 
> I deal with a lot of CAD and Building Information Modeling coz I 
 > design a lot of houses and other such buildings as I am an architect
 > and as I would have probably told you guys in my last email I have
 > just migrated from MS Windows Vista Business x64 and I would like to
> know  weather or not there are any open source alternatives for my
 > trusty ArchiCAD which are compatible with Ubuntu 8.10 x64 and if so
 > then how much do they cost ?
> Yours , 

When I was at uni I did look for CAD software for Linux, though much 
smaller-scale (and mostly 2D), and found lots that looked promising, 
though I had to also have AutoCAD compatability, which doesn't quite 
exist under Linux.

I cannot find the resource I found then, which is a shame, as it was 
huge, the only product I can remember coming across was QCad.

There was definitely quite a large amount of engineer-orientated CAD 
software for Linux, though a large proportion of it wasn't quite fully 
polished. I've no idea what's different for Architects, though.

A quick google search found this list

And an `apt-cache " CAD "` came up with the following, amonst others:
	varkon - A CAD-system with parametric modelling
	qcad - professional CAD system
which might well be worth a look.

Avi Greenbury :)

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