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Bendon Bar bendon_bar at
Thu Mar 19 09:22:46 UTC 2009

Hello All,

Though the subject of the mail is little bit strange, but I guess my question is more stranger.

I personally want to run my linux application after just come the Window manager.
No desktop items on desktop, no Panel, nothing, just completely blank.

Only my application will be run at startup.

Is this possible using Ubuntu Mini Remix Step by Step.

I read from the internet, e.g

They tell about UCK or Reconstructor. I guess UCK or Reconstructor 
is much difficult for me to make such interface.

Anyway, I am hoping, some one have the answer or have already done that.
I will be very greatful if some share with me.

Basically I don't know which packages should be installed one after another
to reach until the Desktop, Or simple until the Xorg installation.

Thank you
Best Regards

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