Restarting Xserver from cli

Derek Broughton derek at
Thu Mar 19 00:27:07 UTC 2009

Josh Holland wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 02:49:32PM -0300, Derek Broughton wrote:
>> But what's with "is being disabled in Jaunty"?  What an odd concept.
> How have you not heard? C-A-B is being disabled to prevent newbies
> exploring restarting their X servers. There was quite a discussion in
> ubuntu-devel-discuss.

No, I hadn't heard - and I follow _this_ list pretty religiously, so I'd
have to imagine there's a conspiracy to prevent actual users ever finding
out :-)

Surely it could be a configurable option (I can't say I'll really care - I
use it maybe once a month, and can manage without it, but it seems like a
really odd thing to do).  And really what's the problem?  So it restarts
the X server.  You only do that _once_ accidentally.  It has only recently
stopped doing things so drastic on Windows.

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