Restarting Xserver from cli

Nils Kassube kassube at
Wed Mar 18 22:42:38 UTC 2009

Knapp wrote:
> If C.A.D. can have a pop up then why can't C.A.B?????

C-A-D is supposed to be used while X is running normally while C-A-B is 
for emergency exit if X is broken.

> This would seem 
> to end all the discussion. 

No, it wouldn't :)

> Also if X is not working then you don't 
> see the pop up but the code should be able to tell if X is dead or
> not.

I think the code can't reliably tell if the display is just unreadable 
because the programming registers of the video hardware were set to 
wrong values. If X is dead enough for the code to reliably find out 
that there is a problem, C-A-B probably doesn't work either.

> Perhaps hitting it 2 times would force it when all is dead? 

IIRC, that has been suggested on the u-d-d list already. Let's wait and 
see if it will be implemented.


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