[ubuntu-users] Networking and USB

Ted Hilts thilts at mcsnet.ca
Tue Mar 17 22:30:12 UTC 2009

Norberto Bensa wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 7:38 PM, Ted Hilts <thilts at mcsnet.ca> wrote:
>> Can a usb connected external (1) IDE drive, (2) SATA drive, or (3) FLASH
>> memory card be set up to be a share (let's say on machine A) on the
>> local LAN network and therefore accessible to read, write, and
>> executeable operations by other machines on that network (let's say on
>> machines B, C, and D) also providing their shares?
> Yes.
> You mount the drive somewhere and share it thru samba, nfs, etc.
Are you saying for example that on Linux Ubuntu machine A:

1. I mount a SATA drive , format that drive as ext3 by means of a live 
tools distribution like Knoppix or alternatively from the command line 
of machine A and then

2 .Modify the SAMBA smb.conf file to show the SATA drive as a Samba 
share and then do the terminal "testparm" command.

3, Then all machines on the same workgroup should be able to see the 
SATA drive as a share of machine A and there is no additional work or 
preliminary work and Ubuntu 8.4 will automatically through the USB 
connection determine the presence of the external SATA drive???

4. In addition, if a windows XP Home or XP PRO machine is mapped to this 
SATA drive which is externally connected to machine A then it should 
also be able to access that SATA drive as a share???

Thanks -- Ted

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