Mail Notification not working with Gmail IMAP

David M. Karr davidmichaelkarr at
Tue Mar 17 19:52:15 UTC 2009

David M. Karr wrote:
> David M. Karr wrote:
>> Ubuntu 8.10.
>> I had Mail Authentication with my GMail account working with POP, but 
>> after I switched to IMAP, I realized that it wasn't working anymore.  
>> I get unread notes in my inbox, and the icon doesn't appear.
>> When I bring up "mail-notification -p" (is there any way to get this 
>> from the GUI?), I see the following:
>> Mailbox type: IMAP
>> server:
>> username: davidmichaelkarr
>> password: ****
>> IMAP Mailbox: Inbox
>> Connection Type: Standard (not SSL)
>> Port: 143
>> Auth Mechanism: Autodetect
>> Use IDLE: Autodetect
>> Mailbox name: Default
>> Delay: 30 seconds
> Hmm, well never mind.  I changed it to mailbox type "Gmail" and now it 
> works.  Except I think that's what I had it set to before, and it 
> seemed to have some problems.  I'll see.

Ok, now I remember why I tried to change it to IMAP.  When I have it set 
to Gmail, it works, but the mail notification icon shows up almost all 
of the time with an "unable to retrieve feed" error.  This is mostly 
just an annoyance, however, as when I actually receive new mail the icon 
shows up correctly indicating new mail, and when I read it, the icon 
goes away.  It's just annoying to see that flashing error icon almost 
all the rest of the time.

>> I googled for this problem, and some people said to check the following:
>> % --get /apps/mail-notification/display-seen-mail
>> true
>> % --get /apps/mail-notification/fallback-charsets
>> [user,ISO8859-15]
>> Is there anything else I should be checking?

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