How to setup a home server

Derek Broughton derek at
Tue Mar 17 17:54:33 UTC 2009

madanabhat27 at wrote:

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> I'm a newbie who's just switched from windows and I have been using ubuntu
> for the past 3 months and am planning to migrate all the personal
> computers we have at home but the problem is that we need a home server

Define "home server"?  It's not just one thing.

> coz we have a pretty complex network 

The "pretty complex network" can usually be handled by a wireless router.

> at home plus I am also planning to  host my own website 

And if that was all you wanted, you could just port-forward port 80 at the

> and all the email 

Now you're getting a little complicated, but _why_?  Hosting your own email
server at home is rarely necessary, and is likely to get your email
blacklisted if you don't set it up correctly.

> and etc, etc 

Oh, "etc"s don't take any planning or resources at all :-)

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