Network Connection Does Not Stay Active Upon Reboot of NSLU2

Andy Rogers ubuntu at
Tue Mar 17 09:52:30 UTC 2009


I have finally managed to get Jaunty Aplha 6 onto my NSLU2 now on a few
occasions successfully now.

I have since come across a seem to be reoccuring problem, of when I reboot
my NSLU2 it can't be found on my network until after I have either taken
out teh Network cable or a USB cable then it seems to wakeup.

When it reboots it is visible to the network/router for a brief amount of
time but when it has fully loaded and gone through it's startup cycle it
as if the Network adaptor has gone to sleep.

Is their anyway of trying to resolve this problem, or ideas where I can
start to dig around?



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