Printer Driver: how to change it ?

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Mon Mar 16 18:23:55 UTC 2009


I am on Ubuntu 8.10, and apparently the printer configuration tool
(System->Admnistration->Printing) does not let me specify the driver I
want to use. In previous versions of Ubuntu, the Print admin tool
offered a list of 3 or 4 drivers for me to chose from.
How to specify/select what driver to use, in 8.10 ?

I am trying to change the driver because the default driver in 8.10 has
problems that I find more than annoying (printer is a HP Laserjet 6P):

- When I print a PDF file, the driver is so slow to process the job,
that it is unable to feed the printer fast enough, resulting in the
printer having to stop briefly between each and every page. Other than
lengthening needlessly overall print time which in itself is a major
pain, it also can't be good for the laser printer to "stress" its
mechanicals this way. Having to stop/start endlessly for 10 minutes,

- Last week I tried to print a black and white drawing I made with Draw, and eventually noticed that when printing in
"black & white" mode, the drawing was reversed: printing black lines
over a white background, when the original drawing was actually white
lines over a black background. Printing in "grey scale" mode solved the
problem, but not really because in this mode, the black parts of the
drawing aren't *really* black, not a very "clean"/neat/sharp black, so
it was no good for what I wanted to achieve.

I don't remmber the name of the driver I used in the past,
which did not yield these problems, though. So I would like to try them
all (they were at least 3 to choose from IIRC) one by one, see which
one works best.

Thanks ! ;-)



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