x server crashing - sometimes

Stephen stephanos at writeme.com
Mon Mar 16 17:32:08 UTC 2009

Stephen wrote:
> Dear All
> Kubuntu 8.10
> I want to reduce the resolution as a way of improving the graphics and 
> text size as these are to small.  I have seen these setting in two places:
> 1) K > System > System Settings > Display
> 2) K > System > KR and RTray Screen Resize & Rotate
> When I chose either of these, the server exits to a login screen and I 
> have to login again.  Odd, as I have used these before.
> The most recent change I have made was in K > System > System Settings > 
> Desktop -All Effects tab, where I unticked most of the 3D options and 
> improved performance.
> I would also like to reduce colour depth.  When I last looked at the 
> settings for changing the resolution I did not see anything about 
> reducing the colour depth.  I have looked around System Settings.
> Any help appreciated
> Stephen

Dear All

This issue has proved problematic to resolve.  I have tried some
suggestions about editing /etc/X11/Xorg.conf, but what doesn't crash X
at start up makes no difference to the display.

I still have the problems of
1) most of the time I cannot access Display or KR and RTray Screen 
Resize & Rotate.
2) When I maximise a window it is too wide for the screen and goes off 
the right edge so losing the X out icon and other bits
3) Windows render slowly
4) I cannot control the resolution enough to have text on screen of a
size that I can read - it is all too small
5) When I had a 17inch screen I used a res on 1024 X 768, now I have a
wide screen 17inch (16/9 ratio), I think I want a res of 1280 X 768.
But I cannot access the display options to change it.

I have looked in the BIOS and up to 8MB of memory is allocated to the
onboard graphics.  The pc has 1GB of RAM.  If I installed a PCI graphics
card I would not have to make a change in the BIOS as it is already
configured to select a user installed graphics card if one is installed.
One of the editions of Linux Format had an article that mentioned
onboard/Intel graphics are problematic.  Now I am fed up with the problem.

I want to explore installing a graphics card.  Has any one any 
recommendations that will allow me to overcome these problems and not 
have to be fiddled with.

I appear to have two PCI slots and a very short slot above that - not 
sure what it is.

Any recommendations welcomed.


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