Old and new module.h

Ricardo Schmidt super.ismiti at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 11:42:43 UTC 2009

Hello Ubuntu users,

I am facing a problem with the changes in "module.h" from version 2.4 to 2.6.

Basically I'm trying to compile a new module that will help me with my
This module takes the incoming packets from a given interface.
However, this application was implemented for Linux 2.4 version.
Since, the included file "module.h" in this application had its
structure completely changed.

I decide to edit the code of such application in order to compile for
kernel 2.6.
I've already changed some lines. But, there is some properties
(variables) that I didn't find the correspondent one.
For example, in the older version of "module.h" there was the
following variable:
That is, the destination address from a specific IP header.

I searched in the Internet, without success, for the correspondent
structure in the newer version of "module.h".
Does anybody know where I could find information about the old and new
versions of "module.h" relationship?

Ps.: I already read in the file commentaries, but unfortunately it
isn't too helpful :(

Ricardo Schmidt

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