Installation problems with Ubuntu

Weixuan Li weixuanli at
Mon Mar 16 01:09:22 UTC 2009

1/ Check CD for defects  - comes up with a lot of technical jargon which i don't understand
2/ Memory test - black screen3/ Use Ubuntu w/o any change to my computer - same result(black screen and the blinker cursor up in the top left hand corner)
I also tried installing it in windows(an option that comes up when you insert the CD while in Vista) and it installed. I rebooted and it allowed me to choose between booting from Vista or Ubuntu. I selected Ubuntu and pressed went to the black screen again.Cheers,Weixuan


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> Subject: Re: Installation problems with Ubuntu
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> Weixuan Li wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am trying to install Ubuntu onto a NEC Versa P8310.
>> I intend to make it dual-boot.
>> I have shrunk my Vista partition and currently have 150GB of 
>> unallocated space.
>> I put the CD into the drive, restart my laptop and the menu comes 
>> up(with the options: install ubuntu, use ubuntu without any change to 
>> my computer, check CD for defects, memory test, etc.).
>> I select Install Ubuntu and it goes to a black screen and the CD stops 
>> whirring.
>> Any suggestions to what went wrong and how to fix this problem so that 
>> I can install Ubuntu?
> To rule out media and hardware problems, I'd recommend you do these steps:
> 1/ Check CD for defects
> 2/ Memory test
> 3/ Use Ubuntu w/o any change to my computer
> and let us know how they went.
> Cheers
> Mark
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