cat: /dev/mem: Operation not permitted

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sun Mar 15 09:35:14 UTC 2009

> I just tried $sudo cat /dev/mem and got lots of wierd stuff on the
> screen, as I would expect.

That's why I run it through strings.

> I then tried sudo cat /dev/mem > mem.txt. It sat there for a while, and
> I got the same error as you when I hit ctrl-C. mem.txt did contain some
> data.

I didn't even hit Ctrl-C. It just gave me the error.

> I'm guessing you cannot do a file close operation on /dev/mem, for some
> reason.

On any other Linux-based OS this is possible, in fact, it is good for
recovering lost files.

Dotan Cohen


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