Software that will allow me to run windows software on 8.10

hugh hdixon at
Sun Mar 15 08:15:43 UTC 2009

Depending on your hardware an alternative may be to run a virtual windows box.
I use a package called virtualbox which is free, and find it quite good.  You 
will need to have a copy of Windows to install though.
A number of other virtual applications (VMWare, Xen) exist.
The reason I say it depends on hardware is that some CPU have built in 
virtualisation support.


On Sunday 15 March 2009 18:17:27 Mark Pyles wrote:
> steve wrote:
> > Mark Pyles wrote:
> >> Hi everyone:
> >>
> >> I am using Ubuntu 8.10(gnome desktop) which I absolutely love.
> >> Unfortunately my boss at work requires that I use MS Visual Studio which
> >> I use at work but now I need to work from home and I am using Ubuntu at
> >> home on my laptop and as much as I hate anything micro$oft related I
> >> just wondered if there was a way to run windows software on my Ubuntu
> >> Linux without having to reformat or repartition my hard drive? Thanks.
> >>


> Mark

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